Kuler is a godsend from Adobe, remember those early school days in art lessons learning about the colour wheel and complimentary colours? Well in comparison, Kuler from Adobe is an intergalactic colour wheel from Azgard. Kuler will help you create, share and implement colour schemes in ways you didn’t realize were possible.

Using Kuler can be a bit daunting at first, but once you get to grips with a few simple steps, you’ll be flying in no time. Firstly there are two options to getting started on a colour scheme, you can start creating a colour palette from scratch, selecting some colours you like or think may work together, or if you have an image; a logo or photograph for example, you can upload this to Kuler and it will analyse the picture and produce a colour chart for you, amazing!

Kuler is a fantastic tool as it will make suggestions for comparative and complimentary colours based on your choices and inputs, allowing you to create a set of colours that actually work together and compliment each other, and in licitly split time too. Once you have created your colours, you can then share the scheme with the Abode community and your friends and colleagues.

If you are having trouble trying to pick colours that wok together then try Kuler from Adobe, you wont regret it.