SEO Tips and Tricks for eCommerce Websites

It’s easier than ever to set up an eCommerce website and start doing business. One of the biggest challenges you are going face, however, is how to attract people to your site. SEO or search engine optimisation plays a substantial role in this and getting it right can...

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The Evolution of SEO

How it started, what you need to know…and what's changed over the last decade Ever since the internet was invented, there has been search engine optimisation. SEO is how businesses get themselves noticed on search engines like Google. It’s revolutionised how we buy...

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Design Trend Predictions for 2018

2018 promises to be another exciting year in the world of website and graphic design, with some original and innovative trends. In this article, we present our ideas regarding those that are most likely to capture the imagination of web and graphic designers over the...

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The Basics of Building Brand Loyalty

It’s something that takes time, a lot of thought and a good deal of effort to get right. But, if you want to succeed, building brand loyalty is vital. With so much choice and competition out there nowadays, most businesses accept that it’s hard work to attract...

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10 Twitter Errors to Avoid

Getting it right on social media platforms such as Twitter is important for business success. Not only does it give you the chance to sell your products and services to a wider audience, it enables you to engage on a much deeper and more personal level than ever...

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