SEO & Digital Marketing

SEO & Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a very broad term and includes a huge range of different marketing options. Digital Yak gives each of its client’s simple straightforward advice on a range of options to promote their products, services or projects. We don’t favour one type of digital marketing over another and can support your marketing goals whatever your budget.

The secret of digital marketing is really very simple – it’s just normal marketing carried out across a variety of digital platforms! The creation of marketing materials and then implementation of a marketing campaign utilising the digital platforms is where we really excel. We can take your brand, product, idea or campaign and amplify its message to the people you need it to reach.

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Social Media Marketing

Understanding how platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google plus, Instagram, Pinterest and a host of other social media and digital advertising platforms work is central to our work and we continually up-skill and relearn as these platforms morph, change and others appear.

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Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, refers to process of enhancing your website and digital profile to encourage search engines to rank your website pages highly, in relation to what search terms people are using. Having an SEO and keyword strategy is integral to most website builds and as we work on many websites across many sectors we can help you create and manage your SEO for the keywords that really matter to you.

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PPC & Content Marketing

Dependent on what you are selling most marketing campaigns have a combination of both organic promotion and paid direct advertising and we can help you understand what will work best for your business and your budget.

One of the biggest contributors to building an organic following and being upwardly mobile on Search Engines is to continually create and distribute good content. Whether that is in the form of blogs, new project updates, or simply ideas or news to share. Digital Yak has a team of copywriters who create excellent content on a regular basis for blogs, newsletters, brochures or any other marketing materials you need.

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Digital Yak has a range of options when it comes to SEO and Digital Marketing from fixed term plans to the creation of traditional marketing plans and custom digital delivery. We also ensure all our clients are given detailed reporting on a regular basis so that progress can be tracked and discussed.

For information about how we can help you build an organic following, drive more clicks, increase or convert traffic, plan a social media marketing campaign or write a blog, contact Digital Yak for a sensible discussion about your needs and a competitive quote.