PPC Campaigns

PPC Campaigns

What is Pay Per Click Management?

Pay Per Click is an online advertising model used for directing traffic and potential customers to your website. As the Advertiser, you pay a pre-determined rate for every time a user clicks the link within your advertisement. Though they are not the only PPC providers online, Google’s AdWords service is the market leader and has the widest audience for online PPC advertising. Pay Per Click advertisements appear on Google’s pages, mainly their search results but also on advertisement spots on other users websites throughout the AdSense program.

If you have used any search engine, you will have seen the sponsored ads section appear at the top and to the right of your organic results. These adverts are placed, based on the amount you pay for the clicks and the relevancy of your business to the keywords in the search. Pay Per Click advertising is a great way to get your services on the first page of search engine results whilst waiting for an SEO campaign to bear fruit, but the process of setting up a PPC program can be cumbersome, complicated and can become very expensive, very quickly.

Pay Per Click is essentially a form of digital marketing that can greatly help your business improve your sales and online presence. If Search Engine optimisation is an organic way of increasing your ratings on the major search engines, then PPC is the old fashioned purchase of ad space.

Do I need a managed PPC campaign?

This will entirely depend on your circumstances. If your website is already ranking highly with the search engines organically and your customers are already aware of the products and services you offer then PCC may not be for you. If however, your site is lower down the organic search results, and your business is new, or you are entering a new market place then PPC can offer you a way to connect with new customers very quickly and efficiently.

PPC allows you to promote new products and services to completely new markets and in relative terms, if managed correctly, can be a lot more cost effective that running a traditional print advertising campaign. PPC can help protect your brand against rising competitors, and reinforce your position as a market leader. PPC campaigns need to be planned effectively to work. You need to analyse your market to ensure you are selecting the correct keywords to target.

You have to investigate your competitors to make sure you out bid and perform them on the keywords you both use. The technical settings for the campaign need to be set up correctly so you do not end up wasting your ad funding in administrative errors and on the wrong style of ad. A managed PPC campaign from Digital Yak will provide you with all of the benefits of on-line advertising but in a managed platform that will yield positive results.

Our PPC Management Campaign Pricing

Why Choose Digital Yak for Your PPC Campaign?

If you want to get the biggest return on investment from your PPC campaign then Digital Yak can help you plan, implement and manage your campaign to get you the best results.

Budget management and cost control is key to our PPC management projects. We understand that making sure your ad campaign is successful, that it matches your goals, and is cost effective, are three key areas to running a successful campaign. A client project manager will provide you with detailed analytical reports at meetings throughout the campaign, allowing you to track progress and results without sifting through tons of raw data.

Our digital Marketing team understands when PPC is required and when it is not, and can offer professional objective advice on how to position your company in the online market place. With proven track records in PPC we can offer you a service that will strengthen your brand and allow you to focus on running your company.

We use a tried and tested method of in depth research of your market area, competitors and products, an organic combination of PPC and SEO tactics, and a dynamic management process to bring everything together. This results in increased traffic to your website, and increase in your business presence both online and off, and it strengthens your brand identity for future growth.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our Pay Per Click Management Services.