Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

What is Website Maintenance?

Most businesses have existing websites, and lots have a website that has been running for a long period of time. Keeping your website up to date and relevant for both technology and web standards, and your visitors is very important. Web standards and technology change in this rapidly moving sector and making sure you keep up to date with them can make or break your website and business. Your visitors are key to the success of your website and providing them with a reason to continually visit and use your website is very important. Keeping your website up to date can be time consuming and complex and this is where the Digital Yak Website Maintenance program can help your business.

Do I Need a Website Maintenance Program?

The majority of companies do not have the luxury of having full time staff to maintain and update their website. This job is sometimes left as an afterthought and can quickly be overlooked and neglected. A website that looked and operated as high quality and professional when built can rapidly look outdated and under perform in a matter of years if not maintained correctly. Your customers expect you to provide them with the best possible service and experience and should be able to access your website and the information it contains in the easiest possible manner with no unexpected hurdles or errors.

In this rapidly evolving market place, your website can become obsolete very quickly if not properly maintained and updated to match technology and user trends. Think about your current website set up, do you have syndication feeds? do you have and operate social media links on your site? can your website be viewed seamlessly on mobile and tablet devices and on all computer platforms? Unless your website has recently been launched then it will probably require some level of maintenance to ensure it is working to the highest standards and showing your business a return on the investment you made in it.

Why Use Digital Yak for Website Maintenance?

The Digital Yak Website Design and Development team have years of experience in creating, optimising and maintaining websites for companies in a wide variety of sectors. We pride ourselves in making sure our knowledge of web standards and technology is always up to date and relevant, we know what your website needs to look like, and how it should behave to operate correctly and profitably. Looking after your website is more than just adding content every few months, it’s about making sure your code is up to date, that your site can be viewed by all of your customers at any time on any device and that nothing in or on your site will cause you issues with the search engines.

We specialise in HTML5 and CSS3 development, and make sure your website is responsive and looks perfect on any device. Missing out on a few advances in web standards can make your website irrelevant and unusable, Digital Yak Website Maintenance can provide you with a cost effective solution to make sure your site is always working efficiently and generating profit for your business.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about website maintenance.