What is a Copywriting Service?

Copywriting is the process of creating content for online and offline applications and publications. Great copy will make your website or advertisement shine and help you sell your services and products. Good copy needs to inspire the reader and encourage them to take an interest in the product or service. Copywriters create great content that helps you sell your products and services. Sometimes it’s about taking your readers on journey and sometimes its about directing them towards a point of contact or sale. Great copy will keep your readers and visitors interested enough buy what you are selling.

Do I need a Copywriter?

A good copywriter can create content for any business sector or subject matter. A perfect mixture of enthusiasm and curiosity for new subjects and expertise in language and terminology are what sets our copywriting team apart from others.

A great looking website design is nothing without well written copy to fill it. Both your visitors and the search engines will be looking for copy that is well thought through, structured correctly and contains trigger words and keywords to drive your sales. You will know your own business sector perfectly, but writing quality content takes time and proficiency, and a certain skill set to make your knowledge and information shine.

Digital Media is a fast paced environment with readers expecting regular updates from blogging, articles and press releases. A failure to provide your market place with the information it requires can result in your business looking slow to react and drive that prospective business to your competitors. Digital Yak offers a high quality copywriting service that makes sure your business delivers the information required to keep you on top of your market.

Why Use Digital Yak Copywriting Services?

Our Copywriters are educated to a very high standard in language, literature, and journalism fields. They understand what catches a readers attention and what search engines want to see to rank your website pages. We understand the process of identifying key benefits and emphasising these to your customers. Digital Yak works with many businesses in varied sectors and our Copywriting team has the enthusiasm and drive to research, analyse and produce professional copy that will help your publications and websites captivate your readers and convert your traffic in to sales.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our Copywriting Services