What is Branding?

Branding is a process; using website design, graphic design, marketing and advertising techniques, to create a recognisable image for your company, that you can trade on when selling your products and services. The most successful businesses trade heavily on their brand identity and having a successful brand usually means a very successful business. We are all familiar with major brand names and identities, but these companies did not arrive at their current situation by accident, they employed branding experts to help build a trusted symbol that their customers will follow with dedication.

Every business, no matter how new or small, has a brand. Your brand is your identity, your image, your logo, but it is also your ethical approach to business, how you place yourself in your market and how your interact with your customers. Your brand is growing all the time, but this can be a positive or a negative thing. Unhappy customers and bad feedback, an ill conceived ad campaign or even just a logo that looks to much like another company can all have detrimental effects on your business. It is important to control your brand image at every step to make sure it works in your favour.

Does My Business Need Brand Management?

If you run, own or work for a business then you have a brand. This brand is constantly evolving and growing and to use it successfully you must manage it effectively. Your brand must grow to your own plan; you must evolve it in a controlled manner to ensure that your customers know what to expect, can become attached and loyal to it, and ultimately have trust in it.

Controlling your brand requires the business to have a structured plan in place. This involves having a defined company logo, and image that reflects your business and is carried across the livery of your company in its website, print and digital media, stationary and advertisements. It also means that your new products and services are created in-line with the expectations of your brand and your customer service meets these requirements.

Most companies do not have in-house design and branding team to look after this process full time, and sometimes branding is an after thought to the main trade, but it should not be overlooked. Every successful company has control over it’s branding and forecasts and plans future moves effectively to capitalise on its brand.

Why Use Digital Yak for Brand Management?

If your starting a new business, looking to re-brand an existing one, or need professional guidance on managing your existing brand , we can help. The Digital Yak Marketing Team have worked with companies and traders from a huge range of industries, and created branding and management structures that have made many businesses a success.

We use tried and tested methods to analyse your business model (or create one for new start up companies) and our step by step business development plan will help you identify your markets and customers, your strengths and weaknesses, your main competition, and ultimately the best way to promote and grow your business. Using our extensive skill set in web and graphic design, search engine optimisation, marketing and advertising, and business development, we can make your business a well known brand and help you realise your loftiest dreams.

Our branding and business development ethos is simple, when we set out to create and manage a new brand, we put our own brand on the line, we make the project as personal to Digital Yak, as it is to you.

Please feel free to contact us to have a chat about your Branding Management and Business Development requirements.