I spend lots of my time looking for inspiration for new graphic design and web design projects on sites such as tumbler, pinterest, et al, and I come across a lot of great work. Some times some of the work is exceptional and I feel the need to write a quick blog about it to share it with others.

Schandra Singh’s new work is amazing. She describes her new pieces as:

“My work is about the notion of escapism, and I often see people in difficult situations, people who can’t escape their own reality. We all feel this at some point. I paint about what it means to feel this and to struggle with it,”

I think we have all felt trapped in a reality of our own making before, struggling to escape into something new and these works touch a raw nerve with most people which is what makes them so appealing. She has translated the modern phenomenon of the feeling of loose attachment with the world around us, connected to others only through social media and not the strong human bonds of the past. Social media seems to bring out the inner narcissist in us all, with the need to look for gratification in every part of our lives and Sings paintings reflect that in the mosaic like effects representative of image and feed updates.

The use of vivid colours in contrast to subtle toned background creates a type of pop art feel that sits well in the theme of the collection. This is a great collection of work and I strongly recommend you check out more of Singhs work.

Yak Out!