JLG Marine

With a History that goes back to 1812, Lilley & Gillie have been manufacturing marine navigation equipment, compasses, and digital navigation systems for over 200 years. Their experienced team blends new and emerging technologies with a history of maritime experience to position themselves and the UK’s pre-eminent manufacturer of magnetic compass outfits.

Digital Yak was asked to create a new website to showcase the products and services of this North East based marine equipment manufacturer. The website was required to have two main functions, to display and give information about the products and to have a client login portal. The website was built as a content management system in Joomla so that it can be managed easily by the JLG Marine team when required.

Along with a brochure style website a Client Login Portal was created that users including navigators can log in to access user guides and installation guides for their equipment wherever they are even out on the water.

Visit the Lilley & Gilley Website Here