The Hill Bakery & Deli

There is nothing quite like the smell of freshly baked bread and we envy the guys at the Hill Bakery & Deli in Camberwell for this part of their job! Using a 20-year old starter culture to raise their sourdough (their speciality) and all loves made fresh every day the choice is from a roster id around 25 different breads, some local favourites and some seasonal specials included!

The delicious homemade bread and deli products needed a website could showcase the bread made onsite and have the ability to sell bread and deli products online within a certain radius of the bakery. A new logo was also needed to give the new online presence of the bakery a quick rise & refresh!

Digital Yak created a responsive website on a simple CMS framework and easy to use ecommerce area to enable sales within a certain geographic area. A new logo pulled the design together for a simple showcase for the bakeries delicious bread and deli products.

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