The Fizzle & Crank Emporium

Steampunk is a word that is becoming used more and more, meaning a Victorian inspired alternative future – think Jules Verne! If you are looking for alternative clothing in the steampunk genre then the Fizzle & Crank Emporium is where you go to buy your clothes.

An alternative online fashion store that sells a range of Victorian and steampunk inspired clothing, jewellery and accessories. Styling and imagery is everything with an online store, and that was the request to Digital Yak from the creative team at Fizzle & Crank. Oh – and it also had to be really easy to manage from the back end of the site!

Fizzle & Crank is also a multi-channel retailer – meaning they sell across a range of both physical and digital platforms so the e-commerce site had to be able to integrate with a range of API’s and payment methods. Promotion of the brand and the products was also required so on launch and since a Search Engine Optimisation strategy and Digital Marketing approach was agreed and implemented.

Shopify was eventually chosen as the platform for the alternative fashion ecommerce store as its user-friendly interface and range of applications worked well for the Fizzle & Crank Emporium’s business model. Style and imagery was a big part of making the ecommerce website look as good as the clothes that were sold.

Social Media feeds were created and the fashion website set up for SEO before launch, a continuing search engine optimisation program and digital marketing strategy was planned and then implemented.

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