Bow Valley Weddings

Marion Kutzer has been ‘Marion the Marryin’ Lady’ for over 20 years, helping people get married in some of the most amazing settings in the world.

Digital Yak was approached by Marion to revamp her website and tweak the SEO to help her gain more clients and make her website design reflect the works she does as a marriage commissioner in the beautiful surroundings she conducts her weddings in, the Bow Valley area of Alberta, Canada.

Marion wanted to convey an approachable yet sophisticated look to her new site, but did not want it to be an over the top “frilly wedding site” in style. The new website must also invoke the natural surroundings of the Rocky Mountains and appeal to brides and grooms across the world who were looking to get married in the area.

Inspiration for the new website was drawn from the fantastic surroundings of the Canadian Rockies and from Marion’s favourite preferences to colour and style. The new website is welcoming and has a depth that mirrors elements from the amazing Canadian surroundings depicted in the photographs supplied.

An overhaul of the website’s SEO details ensued combined with detailed keyword searches and analysis to provide Marion with a set of keywords that will help place her business in top positions with Google, Bing and Yahoo, for the most commonly used search terms relevant to her business and geographical area.

It was great fun working with Marion on this site, and she is really pleased with the results. I always look to create website designs with a depth and personality that reflect the client and this site has not disappointed.