10 Footballs

Passion and football always go hand and in hand and we were thrilled to be asked to create a website that showcased a collection of football programmes that spans time, clubs and countries.

Football collectors often showcase their collections online in some way but what 10 Footballs wanted to capture was the history, passion and amazing stories that link and connect football programmes to their place and time.

To create an online home to showcase a collection of programs with a linking story – for example Manchester United 1957-1958 Season that included the Munich Air Disaster, or a selection of programs that highlight Jimmy Greaves Early Career. This was to include branding for the collection, a website, social media profiles and the creation of a digital magazine/brochure to house and highlight the connecting programmes.

The development of this project was threefold. Firstly, to create a brand for the collection, then a website using that branding and finally a digital book to tell the story of ’10 Footballs’.
All of the inspiration for the logo and final design of the website was gleamed from the programmes themselves, the artwork, club or competition logos and often the vintage adverts within the football programmes influenced the final design.

Much thought and many drafts went into how to make the website reflect the football matches themselves and the design in the header bar of vintage spectators along with the footer of grass and a background of program images brings the brand together.

A flip book was designed using the same branding so the link between the two is seamless. The football stories from our client were told by including images of the football programmes along with notes and comments in the book. The flip books can also be downloaded from the website as an extra function so football fans can also view them offline.

It is nice to do a website with such rich imagery to use, some of the adverts in the football programs were simply stunning! On a side note – as most of our team was born in the 80’s we were often found humming the theme tune to the Hurricane’s while this website was being developed!

The Hurricanes Link https://youtu.be/ERSxT9eoqjc

Website Link https://10footballs.com/