Its time for some Digital Yak, graphic design Arty self indulgence again. A new collection of watercolours by Henrietta Harris grabbed my attention this week and I wanted to share them with you. Her new work is an attempt to capture that fleeting moment between consciousness and REM sleep and her work is quite frankly amazing. Strange reflections and injections of dream state colour split the subjects heads as they make their way from the conscious into the dream world. As a vibrant mix of surreal, mind bending psychedelia and fantastic classical water colour study, these pieces evoke a full blown mix of emotions from panic and fear to a calming relaxation and I have to say I love them.

Henrietta hails from Aukland, New Zealand, her work has been displayed in her home country, Australia, the UK and the US. Her work includes sketches and paintings in her own unique style as well as advertisements and even a range of t-shirts. Digital Yak loves Henriettas work and her fresh take on things. I hope you like her work too.

Yak Out.