What is Pinterest and should you take notice? Well Pinterest is quite simply and online virtual pin board, and if you are a business owner or just like to stay connected online then yes you should be paying attention.

Pinterest basically allows users to create and manage their own themes base collection of images, videos and information, by pinning visual content to their own virtual pin board. You can then browse other pin boards and copy content and like it in the same manner as you like posts in Facebook. Pinterest is a very visual, hands on approach to sharing your content and letting others what you like and unlike Facebook and twitter, it removes the linear, time based structure from the social media experience.

Obviously Pinterest is in its early days as far as social media is concerned but it has attracted more than 10 million users to date, and people are spending on average more time on Pinterest than on Facebook and twitter.

Pinterest is interesting due to is visual interface and non linear structure and is certainly one to watch this year for new ways to communicate with friends and customers. It will certainly be part of our social media package and SEO campaigns and watch this space, if they can interact successfully with Facebook, such as twitter managed to, then Pinterest has the potential to be as big as the other two stalwarts of the social media world.

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