Branding is more important than it has ever been. With so many businesses opening online and new products being developed, standing out from the crowd is vital if you want to succeed. The packaging you choose for your product is a huge part of how your brand is perceived and the way customers feel about it.

If you’re customers can buy your product instore, packaging is even more important than online. We are attracted by more than just the quality of the product itself when we’re out shopping. Our eyes are caught by the colour, the shape and the message that is emblazoned on the packaging. If you’re product is displayed alongside other, equivalent items, then this design is imperative.

It’s a problem that many startups face when they first create a product. They spend so much time on the design itself that they don’t think about what it’s going to look like on the shelf. There are several issues to consider, including:

  • How is it going to be stored?
  • Does it sit easily on the shelf so that customers can get a good look?
  • Do you want to use eco-friendly packaging that fits in with the ethos of saving the planet your customers have?
  • How much is it going to cost?

If your packaging is the wrong shape or simply doesn’t sit on the shelf properly, it’s not going to impress your customers or look good next to your competitors. Ideally, in today’s market place you should be looking at packaging that is lightweight, easy to open and simple to dispose of. On top of that you need to bring across your clear brand identity while also maximising appeal to anyone who is passing by.

A lot will depend on what your product is, of course. If it’s food, you will need quality packaging that protects the contents when being transported to the store, all while complying with current health and safety standards. If you have a medical product, you need to include basic information for its safe use along with branding. If you have developed a brand-new gadget, you need to make it look appealing so that people want to pick it up and examine what it is.

Many entrepreneurs put little or no thought into their packaging when it is, in fact, one of the most important parts of marketing. Using the service of a qualified graphic designer who knows how to create eye catching that fits in with your sector and stands out from the competition is essential. The best packaging manages to combine the values of your brand with the expectations of the consumer.

Look at the packaging for brands a Fitbit or iPhone and you see that the manufacturers have worked hard to create anticipation for their customers – these are boxes that you want to open and see what’s inside. Check out Tesco’s premium range in their supermarkets and see how the typeface and colour are all the same across a wide range of assorted products so that they are easily recognisable instore.

If you really want to see how packaging works, head into your local store and look at competing products in a section and try to understand what sets them apart. Which ones catch your eye more? If you want to stand out from the crowd, how are you going to design the packaging that gives you an advantage? If you are bringing a new product onto the market, now may be just the right time to get a graphic designer on board who can create the look and feel which helps you do just that.