The many faces of the Digital Yak is an ongoing pet project for me. It started life as some doodles based around the original Digital Yak icon and grew from there. I draw my design inspiration from lots of different avenues and throughout all my research into styles and design themes there are always icons. Lots of these we are familiar with and they heavily influence our lives and the way we view the world around us, others are a bit more subtle but play their part non the less.

From the clothes we wear to the way we style our homes we are all influenced by these icons weather it be movie icon, music star or graphic artist. My Many faces of the Digital Yak gives me the opportunity to try and recreate; faithfully, these icons but in Yak form, which not only gives me a greater understanding of the initial design process for that icon, but provides some awesome entertainment as well. Most of the Yak designs are drawn from my own preferences but now and then I will branch out into unfamiliar territory to try something new.

They are a bit of fun, and I hop you enjoy them as much as I do. There will be a lot more of these to come.

Yak out!