Over the last couple of decades of web design, one thing has remained consistently true – search engines like Google love new content. Putting in place a strategy to regularly update your web pages not only helps improve your SEO ranking but also allows you to engage better with your customers.

Refreshing Your Main Site

Many business, particularly those that provide services, will write content for their main site and leave this relatively unchanged for long periods. You should always put aside time to review areas such as your home, about us and services pages – updating will not only improve SEO but also gives you a chance to tweak your written and other content so that it engages customers more effectively.

Why You Need a Blog

One of the tried and tested ways of keeping your web content fresh is to have a regularly updated blog. It gives you a chance to share important information with your customers and link into marketing tools like social media just for a start. It also gives you the opportunity to attract visitors through the use of specifically targeted key words.

Google values high quality content but the rules have changed over the years. Today’s sophisticated algorithms and ranking techniques means that most search engines are looking for a lot more than a little keyword stuffing into the content. You should be producing content that is accessible – written in a way that most people can read and which is informative and helpful.

High quality blogs can continue to attract customers to your site and improve visibility for months and even years but it requires a long term strategy. Most businesses should be looking to upload at least 3 or 4 blog posts every month to keep site content fresh and it’s vital that you have a strategy for doing this.

Varying Your Types of Content

When web designers talk about content they’re not just talking about written pages. There’s a huge variety of fresh content that you can add which will increase the dynamism and attractiveness of your site. In recent years, visual media such as video have become increasingly important for a variety of reasons. Search engines such as Google love this kind of content but it’s also a great way to get information across in an entertaining way.

On mobile phones, video is by far the most consumed content nowadays. We’re using these devices more and more to access businesses, shopping and other services while on the move. Making sure that all your content is mobile ready is vital, whatever your company does.

There are plenty of other types of content that you can employ on your site. Infographics are a great way of disseminating complex information in an entertaining way. Like video, they’re also one of the most popular types of content for sharing. Other content can include case studies which not only gives you the chance to highlight your successes as a company but are a great wat to introduce useful SEO keywords.

The key to getting further up the search engine rankings is not to take your website content for granted. From refreshing and updating your service pages to creating written, video and other visual content in blog posts, there are plenty of options available.