Nope, this is not an article about a shinny apple accessory to store your istuff in, so sorry if that’s what you where expecting, but this is much better!

Looking for new furniture and be a real pain sometimes but when faced with such brilliant design as this, it becomes an amazing pleasure. Fusing pure art with furniture design, Judson Beaumont of Straight Line Designs fame has created a magnificent work of contemporary design.

Every inch of this design screams class and quirk in equal measures, from the matching and reflecting stainless steal handles, to the use of pure white in the “core” of the cabinet, it becomes much more than just a jaunty, odd piece of furniture, it is elegant and individual.

Judson Beaumont hails from Saskatoon, SK, Canada (love those berries guys!) and after completing his study’s, set up the Straight Line Design Company in Vancouver BC. He has been creating his own furniture since 1985 and long may he continue!

Yak Out!