I been a fan of Coheed and Cambria for a few years now and whilst trawling YouTube for new videos from the band I came across a video about the bands new concept album “The Afterman” and its artwork. The album is fantastic with some great tunes but the concept behind the album is even better. The band wrote the songs based on the idea of a character travelling to different dimensions to experience other peoples lives and decisions. Its a great idea and the album is awesome, but what makes it even better is that the bands frontman Claudio Sanchez worked with artist Nathan Spoor to create all of the artwork for the album.

As the subject matter of the concept album was certainly surreal, this has allowed Spoor to create some awe inspiring pieces of work. He has invented and visualised magical landscapes and brought to life the intricate characters from the songs subject matter. The paintings are loaded with subtle symbolism, and Spoors graphic like style and use of bold colours really bring the fictional worlds to life.

Check out the album, and make sure you check out the album art work as well; it does not fail to impress.

Yak Out!