Regardless of the industry you operate in or how you trade, your business will have a website, if you don’t, you should have one. It is essential to have an online digital presence if you want to reach your potential customers and we have listed below some great tips on how you can make your digital business profile more appealing and easier to find. It’s a very congested online marketplace out there and these tips will help you get ahead of your competition.

1.  Get Connected!

Running any business can sometimes get a bit lonely, but especially if you’re trading primarily online. But there’s no need for it to be, there are plenty of like-minded people and businesses pout there who are eager to get connected with you and your company, and many support organisations as well, your local council and business federation are great places to start getting connected. Making a connection to your local business community will help spread the word about who you are and what your business does, and this will certainly lead to great sales.

It’s also beneficial to mingle with other makers in the same business remit, to compare experiences and bounce design ideas off each other. A more established businesses can provide guidance for newbies but the newbies can also offer a fresh, enthusiastic perspective to revitalise the experienced companies, the old adage of learning from someone else mistakes is certainly good advice.

Mixing with other business who operating in your market can allow for collaborative project work, you may not have the clout of one of the large companies in your field but they can still contract you for smaller projects.

Get your website working for your business. Make sure it’s working correctly, and is correctly set up for search. Ensure that you are utilising all of the social feeds relevant to your market and are connecting with people. There are numerous ways to get your message out there, just spend a little time and you can bring you company a huge amount of traffic.

2. Tell your story

When it comes to selling your business, your personal story becomes is pone of your biggest USP’s. This sets you apart from the competitors and can make you stand out form the crowd
People always want to meet the faces behind the company, and find out about who you are/how you work, so get your story straight and communicate it clearly. How is the work made? Why did you make it? Materials? Processes? Teams? Why do you sell what you do? Why do you offer your service in the manner you do?

It takes confidence to blow your own trumpet, but clearly communicating your story can help you win business and establish your brand.

3. Images

It is impossible to promote your work and services without excellent images, text on your website just won’t be enough. We’ve worked with lots of businesses over the years, and we cannot stress how important your product and service photography is in terms of communicating the quality of of your work. Oh, and when it comes to e-commerce, people need to see what you’re selling!

If you do have a budget, hiring a professional photographer, this will not only provide you with great quality images for your website, but you can then use these for print advertising and marketing as well.

Whether you use a pro or take your own photos, make sure you have a clear vision of how you want to present your work and business. Do your research and prepare a clear brief. Maybe there are existing shots by other companies that you like? How are similar products and services represented in the media? Do you need your products on a white background for selling services like eBay or Amazon? Will you need models or site set ups? What about props? Also Great lighting is key. There’s lots to think about to ensure you get the best photos.

If you have amazing images on your site this will keep people on your site and allow you to communicate your service and sell your products.

4. If you have products, then sell them

This may sound a bit obvious, but people can’t buy your products if they’re not available for sale!

We do understand that not every business can sell their products online, however; lots can but don’t because they think it will cause them too much hassle and stress, but it won’t. E-Commerce website systems are fantastically easy to use and manage and help expose you company to a much wider audience. Also, as well as the increased revenue from extra sales, selling online is a great way to get feedback on your products and which will ultimately help you sell more.

If you are ready to sell your products online, then it’s time to figure out the best way to connect with your relevant buying market. The best way to do this to build or adapt your website for E-Commerce trading. The cost of doing this will be minimal to the benefits it will bring your business in the long term as you expand your trading with global possibilities.
You can link your website with many different trading portals such as Amazon and eBay, and use the power of their brands to help sell even more of your products.

Selling online is easy and safe and help ensure your business survives and grows.

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