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Despite Google’s usual stance of repeatedly stating that “nothing is happening” and “no updates are planned….honest” There were a lot of signs from the beginning of this month of some major changes to algorithms were happening and that unconfirmed reports of major changes in the Google search results and rankings were planned....[more]

By Matt Wilkinson 31/05/2014


Regardless of the industry you operate in or how you trade, your business will have a website, if you don’t, you should have one. It is essential to have an online digital presence if you want to reach your potential customers and we have listed below some great tips on how you can make your digital business profile more appealing and easier to find....[more]

By Matt Wilkinson 06/05/2014


One of the first topics of discussion I have with every client is related to the set up of their new site regarding content management. Do you require a content management system (CMS) for your site? What is CMS? well, Simply put, a CMS system helps the user to manage all the content on their site; images, text, videos etc...[more]

By Matt Wilkinson 15/10/2013


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