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One of the first topics of discussion I have with every client is related to the set up of their new site regarding content management. Do you require a content management system (CMS) for your site? What is CMS? well, Simply put, a CMS system helps the user to manage all the content on their site; images, text, videos etc...[more]

By Matt Wilkinson 15/10/2013


Its been a while I know, busy busy busy with exciting work but I wanted to share this find with you. This month is the work of husband and wife team Hollis and Lana. They paint and sculpt abstract visions with liquid and bubble textures which creates an amazing surreal picture. Whilst each work is very carefully planned and created...[more]

By Matt Wilkinson 23/09/2013


I spend lots of my time looking for inspiration for new graphic design and web design projects on sites such as tumbler, pinterest, et al, and I come across a lot of great work. Some times some of the work is exceptional and I feel the need to write a quick blog about it to share it with others. Schandra Singh's new work is amazing...[more]

By Matt Wilkinson 13/05/2013


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