Creative Design and Marketing.

Digital Yak is a creative, digital design and marketing agency. Established by designer Matt Wilkinson, Digital Yak provides professional, digital services for business in the UK, and globally.

Why Branding is so Important to Your Business?

Your business brand is everything. It represents the goals you set for the future, the relationship that you have with customers, the ethos you want your staff to have and the place you forge in the world of commerce or services. It’s what makes you easily...

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Need Packaging for Your Product?

Branding is more important than it has ever been. With so many businesses opening online and new products being developed, standing out from the crowd is vital if you want to succeed. The packaging you choose for your product is a huge part of how your brand is...

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e-Commerce: A Quick Guide to Selling on Amazon

Amazon is undoubtedly one of the biggest e-commerce platforms on the planet. If you are a business looking to broaden the number of channels where people can access your products, it will no doubt be top of your list. The good news is setting up on Amazon is easy and...

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